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Auditions - Pyramids - Adelaide


For Terry Pratchett’s

Sunday December 3rd from 3pm.
At The Bakehouse Theatre, 255 Angas Street, Adelaide.

Roles Required:-
Ages in brackets are “stage ages” and a rough guide only (eg. If you are 18 and think that you can look & play 40, or the other way around, please don’t hesitate to apply)

    • Teppic, King of Djelebeybi and graduate assasin (20-30)

    • Dios, High Priest (man behind the throne) (40ish or older)

    • Ptraci, a handmaiden (20-30)

    • King Teppicymon XXVII, Teppic’s late father (bit like the ghost in Hamlet) (50ish)

    • Dil, master embalmer (30+)

    • Gern, apprentice embalmer (18ish)

    • Ptaclusp, Pyramid architect (40ish)

    • Ptaclusp IIa, Ptaclusp’s son, an accountant (18ish)

    • Ptaclusp IIb, Ptaclusp’s daughter, an engineer (18ish)

    • Chidder, an assasin and merchant (age irrelevant)

    • Hoot Koomi, Almost-but-not-quite-as- High Priest (slightly younger than Dios)

    • DEATH

    • Khuft founder of Djelibeybi (age irrelevant)

    • Arthur, an assasin (same age as Teppic)

    • Pthagonal, a philosopher ( age irrelevant)

    • Foreman, a pyramid labourer (age irrelevant)

    • With Guards, Mummies, Hand-Maidens, Sailors etc.

    NB. As per usual some roles may be combined and gender-bending is possible in some cases

    PERFORMANCE DATES: (Performed at the Bakehouse Theatre)
    April 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27, 28 2007
    Production week from April 5 to 13, 2007 (times to be set later)


    • No individual preparation required, although reading the book would be helpful (if you are unfamiliar with Pratchett and can’t get a copy of “Pyramids” any Pratchett reading would help with familiarisation of the concepts

    • Appointments not necessary, although indications of interest would be useful so that we have some idea of numbers

    • Names will be taken at the door on arrival, you will be asked to fill in an audition form, and people will be seen in order of their arrival

    • We will be doing a “cold” reading from the original script (editing not finished) in pairs of 2 (10 mins per audition)

    • Rehearsals will be on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings (Sunday afternoons negotiable) and will commence on Jan 21st or 28th. Rehearsal venue not yet set, but could be in either the Goodwood, Marion or Brighton area.

    • If you are not available for the required dates; have transport issues in getting to rehearsals etc please do not bother to apply

    • We are an amateur theatre group, which employs both experienced and inexperienced members (who are eager to learn) and have a lot of fun along the way, but we do require dedicated commitment to the creation of professional standard productions.

    • More information:- pamela at unseen dot com dot au 0401676071 (email preferred)

    Unseen Theatre Company

    (Not involved with the production... much, but it is my script!)

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