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Adelaide Discworld Fans

Hi all,

I'm just back from the Australian Discworld Convention - Nullus Anxietas 3 and a group of us Adelaideans over there thought it would be nice to start up a social group down here in Adelaide so we can get together regularly and have a chat, a drink, and a game of Thud or two.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, please sign up to our email mailing list at and an email will go out shortly with information about our first meeting date & place (because we haven't decided it yet)

Potentially this social group might also lead on to having a smaller convention-lite Discworld event in Adelaide in 2012, but that will depend on volunteers for a committee, and will be entirely separate to the regular social group.

Hogfather on TV

Hey guys! Come to breathe some life into this comm ^^ for all us Aussie fans, Channel Seven will be showing Hogfather parts 1 & 2 on Sunday 23rd and Monday 24th, at 8:30pm. Thanks to zeft on discworld for the heads up! Make sure to watch/record it peeps ^^ 
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One Way

For once, a Pratchett Play in sydney!

The Archchancellors Men, in association with NUTS, present
Men at Arms
Thursday 28 June - Saturday 14 July
Special Preview Wednesday 27 June - 8pm
Times: All performances 8pm
Tickets: Adult $20, Conc $15, NUTS Adult $18, NUTS Conc $13
Bookings: Seymour Box Office 02 9351 7940

It's being staged by the UNSW theatre mob. I'm off to see it tonight and will review if i get the chance.

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Nullus Anxietas

Nullus Anxietas
Australian Discworld Convention, 9-11 February 2007

Molokov's perspective
(Cross posted from my journal)

Wow, what a weekend it's been. The Convention was awesome, the best I've ever been to...
but then again, it was also my first Convention :)

To summarise: WOW.
To expand a bit: I'll go through what *I* did at the Con, and my comments on various
bits and pieces, and my perspective is by no means the only one.

Read the rest of the incredibly long report belowCollapse )
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Hello from a Community Newbie

Howdy folk,

Just discovered this community, and thought I'd sign up. I'm a huge Discworld fan, living in Adelaide, and have been reading Pratchett's books for erm, 14 years now. Got a very very very large collection (almost everything, but a few things missing) and have had to rely a lot on my friends to get me to read books by other authors!

I've also, in past, been heavily involved in Discworld plays with Unseen Theatre Company, although not for a few years now. They've got a production of "Jingo" coming up soon, which I'm not involved with in any way, but will probably go to see it at some stage.

I've participated in a few Discworld online communities over the year, including and Addicted to Discworld. Through these I've also found out - and followed since its inception - the Australian Discworld Convention - Nullus Anxietas being held in Melbourne next February. This is probably going to be the biggest opportunity for all us Ecksian fans to get together and meet each other, and do exclusively Discworld-y things, and meet Terry, in case you've missed out doing so on his previous Australian tours.

Terry hasn't been to Adelaide since 1997, so that's the last time I met him in person - every time since he's come to Australia, he's had to miss Adelaide, which kind of makes us feel left out, but I can understand the time pressures of an Australian tour, so I'm just happy that the first, erm, 20 or so of my books have been signed, but now there's more unsigned than signed, because he just keeps writing so much stuff! And it's all good :)

So that's my intro for now... sorry for the subtle advertising, but I figure I'm not actually on the organising/supervisory committee for any of the links, I just happen to know about them and like them :)

All the best!



Sorry, but I'm not accepting any more advertising for other communities in here.

This is entirely because I have my nose out of joint at being ignored in my attempts to join the Discoworld RPG despite me having allowed & encouraged it being advertised here.

I'm human. Deal with it.
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